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  • JUST IN: Trump Welcomes A New Family Member Who Steals His Spotlight

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    President Donald Trump’s second oldest son Eric and his wife Lara, just welcomed their son, Eric “Luke” Trump, to the world.

    The newest Trump is the couples first child, and the ninth grandchild for the president.

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    Although his father failed to mention his newest grandson’s birth, Eric did not hesitate to alert social media.  He tweeted:

    and I are excited to announce the birth of our son, Eric “Luke” Trump at 8:50 this morning.


    As the congratulations swooned in from Americans, the president seemed to be completely uninterested. Instead of sending his love for his newest family member, the moron-in-chief started attacking an NBC reporter for writing a book about him. Nevertheless, hours have passed since the birth and still no response from grandfather Trump. One could assume it’s because Trump craves media attention and courts it doggedly. He consumes coverage of himself and only himself. The last thing he would want is another family member taking his lifeline (the spotlight). Let’s hope for the child’s sake, Eric Jr. doesn’t inherit any qualities from his grandfather.



    Featured Image via Getty Images