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  • Trump Using Hurricane Irma To Manipulate Congress So Rich People Can Get Tax Cuts (VIDEO)

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    Count on Donald Trump to use a major catastrophe and people’s suffering to push his own agenda.

    Recently, Trump had a cabinet meeting about Hurricane Irma and he seriously tried to use the hurricane as an excuse for Congress to work harder and speed up the process for passing tax cuts for Trump and his rich buddies. Trump stated that because of the hurricane, he wants Congress to pass tax reform faster. He said:

    “I think now with what’s happened with the hurricane, I’m going to ask for a speedup. I wanted a speed up anyway, but now we need it even more so.”

    Wow. Many Americans are in incredible danger and will be absolutely devastated after Hurricane Irma, but all Trump can think about is how he can use this tragedy as leverage to get a tax cut. A president actually worthy of the White House would have pushed taxes aside in favor of making disaster relief the top priority for the government. But not Trump – he only cares about himself.

    If you’re wondering what a person who is incapable of feeling empathy might say about in the midst of a major hurricane, Trump is your perfect example. Florida is already being ravaged by Hurricane Irma. Tax cuts should be the last thing on Congress’ list or on Trump’s mind while American lives are at stake. As Trump’s tax plan only helps those as wealthy as Trump, most Americans will be facing increased taxes under Trump’s tax plan – and that is the LAST thing the victims of the recent hurricanes need. Trump’s tax plan is completely unrelated to hurricane relief – in fact, it will only make the situation worse. So for him to bring this up as Hurricane Irma rages in is absolutely disgusting, and we hope Congress shrugs it right off.

    You can watch Trump push his evil agenda below:

    Featured image via Pool / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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