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  • Trump’s Emotional “Binky” Just Left The White House And He’s Freaking Out

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    Due to longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller’s departure, Donald Trump is reportedly shutting off from everyone around him and the White House worries that Trump’s “pysche” may be affected by his absence, according to Axios.

    “Schiller is the ultimate emotional binky for Trump,” New York Times‘ White House correspondent Maggie Haberman, tweeted that “Schiller is the ultimate emotional binky for Trump.”

    Schiller, who has served as the director of Oval Office operations, is leaving the White House for a security job.  Stuart Jolly, who worked as a national field director for Trump’s campaign, explains:

    The president “trusts Keith, and Keith trusts him. Trust is a really big deal at that level.”

    A report by Bloomberg cited chief of staff John Kelly’s new role in the White House as a possible reason for Schiller’s departure. Schiller, who has worked for Trump since 1999, lost his ability to at any moment walk into the Oval Office once Kelly became chief of staff.

    It’s obvious why Trump is so upset–Schiller was his personal babysitter for last 18 years. He has witnessed Trump’s decline into dementia first hand, and understands how to deal with his unstable state of mind. Nevertheless, everyone close to Trump is dropping like flies, so its no wonder Trump is having a melt down.



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