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  • Trump Just Kicked The Middle Class In The Gut DURING Hurricane; This Is Horrific


    After Donald Trump made his face time in Texas for a Hurricane Harvey photo opportunity and jumped back on his taxpayer funded plane, he decided to talk about taxes. And it really couldn’t have been more tone deaf for the moment.

    While in Springfield, Missouri, for a speech/rally, Trump discussed his tax plan which will lower taxes for the wealthy while raising taxes on the Middle Class. All of this said a good amount of Texas is underwater, with most of those citizens in the Middle Class, and currently left with nothing. Many with only the shirt on their back.

    This tone deaf speech didn’t go unnoticed:

    Trump wants to go back to Reagan style taxes. Yes, the very tax structure that stifled Middle-Class growth while funneling all wealth to the top.

    It was also when GDP increased greatly but didn’t affect the real median household income at all. In fact, it stagnated.

    via fredblog

    Clearly, the money was going somewhere, but it definitely wasn’t benefitting the people who needed it most — working America. Seems Reagan and those in Washington DC were fine with not rewarding the Middle Class for all their hard work. No, instead, this is when we started seeing massive outsourcing through deregulated business and people losing their jobs.

    This is what Trump apparently wants to go back to — VooDoo Economics.

    All it does is serve the wealthy and giant corporations while stifling wage growth, killing jobs, shutting down small business, and creating a bigger gap between the one percent and everyone else.

    If Trump really wants to show he cares about the American people, first of all, he wouldn’t be talking about this at the moment. Secondly, he wouldn’t kick people while they’re down with horrific economic policy that has been proven not to work time and time again.

    Wealth grows from the middle out, not the top down. Invest more into workers, they, in turn, spend more inserting more capital into the economy, businesses will grow, more people can be hired, and so on and so forth. Everyone wins.

    Trump’s plan is a loser, and he’s a loser for bringing all this up during Hurricane Harvey. Shame on him.

    Featured Photo by Getty Images