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  • Disgusted Member Of Trump Team Just Bailed On Him, Trump Officially SCREWED


    It’s always been true that working for the president of the United States has been both a prestigious and coveted goal of many Americans. From George Washington to Barack Obama, working for a president offered unmatched opportunities to make a mark on America. However, this isn’t the case in this day and age as people in Trump’s circle are voluntarily dropping the bombastic billionaire because they are tired of his insanity.

    The latest to say ‘screw it’ is a man who Trump hired to find positive news about Trump. Yes, Trump actually has a man on staff with that position. Here’s what People people.com reported:

    “Andrew Hemming – a former RNC staff member whose official title was White House director of rapid response – is leaving in a move that was described as a ‘mutual decision’ by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”

    Can you imagine having a job where you have to find positive information about Trump? It’s a crazy task to ask an individual to find positive stories about one of the most divisive characters in American history, and we’re only months into his presidency.

    The bottom line is that Trump has caused millions of Americans who don’t know him but watch his crazy antics on television clinical anxiety. One can only imagine how those associating with him on a daily basis are coping. One can’t help but feel pity for those in his inner circle,  who aren’t many at this point.

    Featured image vie Wikimedia Commons.