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  • Trump’s Chief Of Staff Just Took Over The White House; Get Ready For A Trump Tantrum

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    John Kelly is not taking his position as White House Chief of Staff as a game. Unlike many others who came and gone, and who are still apart of Donald Trump’s administration, Kelly is here to law down the law and EVERYONE, including Trump, are to follow.

    Since Kelly has been in the White House we’ve seen him begin to clean house. Anthony Sacaramucci… out before we could even get his last name down. Steve Bannon, Trump’s former right-hand man…. out. After seeing first hand the mess that Trump has created in the White House, and realizing that trump likes to steer from the protocol (Charlottesville), he’s decided to take on full control.

    According to Politico, Kelly has teamed up with White House staff secretary Rob Porter to reinstate a policy used in prior administrations that they will review all documents that cross the President’s desk. It is designed to ensure that the president won’t see any external policy documents, internal policy memos, agency reports and even news articles that haven’t been vetted.

    As Axios pointed out, this is very important because now the President won’t be so focused on unimportant things, like gossip stories and hopefully tweets. Or news he doesn’t like. He can now focus on what is important.

    Kelly is simply instituting normal White House procedures, but that’s a big step from the early freewheeling days of the Trump Administration. In those early, messy, months, Oval Office visitors had no trouble sliding mischievous documents onto the president’s desk. Some of these documents were news stories from controversial sources — including one by the internet provocateur Charles Johnson, accusing former deputy chief of staff, Katie Walsh, of leaking.

    Finally, someone who can control the child that is Donald Trump and bring some order into the crumbling White House.

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