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  • Trump Made Statement Regarding Charlottesville Riots; Internet Explodes

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    Charlottesville, Virginia is now in a state of emergency due to a riot, led by White Supremacist, that has now turned violent. Trump finally made a statement on the growing crisis, but while doing was so, he was met with some responses that pointed his hypocrisy.

    The rioting started because of the city’s decision to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. They sure didn’t like that, so they took to the streets to make their voices heard. Trump who was missing since the news broke out finally tweeted a statement Saturday, almost a whole 24 hrs laters saying,

    See Twitter was not down with the phony tweet. So they responded leaving Trump with a “man in the mirror” moment. Here a re a few tweets below,

    These tweeters are right. Trump wants us to condemn these people for the VERY thing he is doing himself. You can tell his statement was more of a P.R. move rather than him actually caring. He even followed up that tweet with a pathetic excuse for his late response. Saying meetings were more important than actually handling this emergency.


    If you think about it, blame Trump for giving these racists the ammo they need to Make Our Nation Racist Again.

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