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  • BREAKING: Mueller Just Took Another Major Step Against Trump In Russia Probe

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    Special Counsel Robert Mueller just dropped a huge bombshell on Donald Trump and his administration and it is about to shake up the White House.

    It has just been reported that Mueller, who is leading the investigation in the Russia probe, will be interviewing senior members of  Trump’s GOP gang. That means Mueller is about to crack down and get the answers from Trump’s loyal members. This is a huge warning for Trump. But according to The Hill, he will also notify Trump’s previous team members. Including the ones he fired. Wow!

    According to The Hill, Mueller is reportedly looking to interview former administration officials including Reince Priebus, who recently resigned as White House chief of staff, three sources close to the discussions told the New York Times.

    How can Trump come against this? This is what you call a man with a plan. Pretty sure the men who have been fired by Trump have a lot to say. As they should. It’s looking like impeachment is in the works. The Hill also reported Mueller is asking for records including details of specific meetings with administration and campaign officials, and any related documents such as transcripts. The meetings he’s asking about include those related to President Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey, according to the report.

    It’s about to be Doom’s Day for Trump. Mueller style!