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  • NRA Host Wants North Korea To Bomb Liberal Part Of United States (IMAGE)


    It’s become pretty obvious that the side of politics who boasts wholesome, conservative values is really just the side that couldn’t care less about anyone but themselves. Not exactly the message of Jesus now, is it?

    With the threat of nuclear war looming between the United States and North Korea, the part of the U.S. most at risk of attack is Guam. They are the target North Korea would be most likely to reach, and Donald Trump isn’t doing anything to help American fears of nuclear fallout. If anything, he’s stoking the flames of war.

    Following Trump’s lead of doom and gloom, Grant Stinchfield, best known as a conservative talk show host and NRA spokesman, decided he would try to be funny. However, what he said wasn’t funny, but rather really horrific. He more than insinuated North Korea should bomb liberal parts of the United States. In particular, Sacramento, California.

    He tweeted out:

    “Let’s send a note to North Korea that Sacramento changed its name to Guam!”

    After a lot of criticism, Stinchfield took down the tweet, but since the internet is forever, it was captured:

    This isn’t funny for a number of reasons. First, it’s showing zero respect for the people of Guam who are, in fact, American citizens. Secondly, he’s calling for the nuclear bombing of the capital of California.

    How, in any person’s mind, unless sociopathic, would any of that ever be funny?

    For as many jokes about a nuclear war we’re seeing on the internet lately, the fact is, there is a very real possibility we may be seeing nuclear blasts and nuclear fallout. This isn’t funny. Having an inexperienced, inept, overzealous, quick to anger, and egomaniacal┬áman in the Oval Office isn’t funny.

    In all honesty, hopefully, Congress will act sooner or later and use any legal means necessary to get Trump out of office before he starts WWIII.

    Featured Photo by Getty Images