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  • BREAKING: Trump Just Told Reporter We’re Going To War With North Korea (VIDEO)


    With all of Donald Trump’s recent inflammatory rhetoric towards North Korea, many have wondered if we’re beginning to hear the drumbeat of war. And, as it would appear, we most definitely have.

    Over the past few days, Trump has been trying to puff his chest and get into a pissing match with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

    Both men, clearly unstable, have been going back and forth trying to appear tougher than the other and threatening the strength of military force against one another.

    Trump has tweeted:

    In addition:

    If that doesn’t terrify you, what the hell does? This sort of posturing by both leaders is going to lead to people dying. The threat to Guam is real, and those people are American citizens. Americans could die at the hands of these mad men.

    Asking Trump directly if all of this language means we’re going to war, one reporter asked:

    “Are you talking about war? Is the US going to go to war” with North Korea?”

    And Trump responds:

    “I think you know the answer to that.”

    No, actually. We don’t. Please enlighten us because we’re all sort of freaking out right now. We can only assume from Trump’s recent language that, yes, he intends to go to war with North Korea.

    For goodness sake, Congress. Are the tax breaks for the wealthy really worth the risk of nuclear war? Get him out of office now by whatever legal means necessary!

    Watch the video here: