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  • Trump Endorsed Fake Poll And Twitter’s Response Was Brilliant

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    Donald Trump is really into Fake News. No, he really is! Just as much as he loves to scream out that all media, with the exception of Fox News, is out to get him with fabricated stories.

    Well Thursday morning, the President retweeted a poll that showed him in a positive light. As reported by ThinkProgress,  the poll from an account called @ProgressPolls. The “poll,” conducted on August 4 (President Obama’s birthday), asked the question: “Who is a better President of the United States?”

    This is already questionable within itself. But things started to come together when other polls on the page were looked at,

    This sounds like a right-wing funded situation here. ThinkProgress did a quick search of previous @ProgressPolls tweets and it reveals that the account recently changed its handle from @Truth_Bombers, a conservative Twitter account posting pro-Trump memes and news not usually associated with credible polling institutions. 

    Check this out from a year ago,


    Twitter got right to it and called him out for citing ‘Fake News’.

    Who was really going to believe that Trump has done a better than Obama? Nice try 45.