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  • Trump Goes After Top Republican In Twitter Fit; Out For Blood (TWEET)


    For someone who is supposedly the “most gifted politician of our time,” according to his White House lackeys, Donald Trump sure as hell doesn’t know how to get anything done or work with top leaders of his party.

    Instead, Trump likes to point fingers and blame others. And, in a fact he probably doesn’t want to hear, is that former President Obama didn’t have this problem when trying to get his top legislative priorities passed. However, Trump isn’t Obama, nor will he ever be.

    Trump is clearly pissed that Obamacare hasn’t been repealed and/or replaced yet. Nevermind the fact that Republicans have the House, the Senate, and the White House. The reason is probably that the majority of citizens don’t want the law repealed and have been contacting their legislators, but Trump is too green in politics to realize this.

    Nonetheless, Trump is blaming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, throwing him under the bus, and seems out for blood.

    Trump tweeted in an after hissy fit on Twitter:

    “Senator Mitch McConnell said I had “excessive expectations,” but I don’t think so. After 7 years of hearing Repeal & Replace, why not done?”


    And since Trump doesn’t think so, he must be right… right?


    McConnell, who is a very seasoned politician who has worked with policy for the majority of his life, is absolutely correct. Trump does have “excessive expectations.” And the reason it’s not “done” is because, in the world of politics, it’s not just about convincing the legislators, but making sure their constituents are on board. Because at the end of the day, if their voters aren’t happy, they’re not gonna get reelected.

    Now, if Trump really wants to get this “done,” and hopefully he won’t, he would do what Obama did and actually do Q&A sessions with voters and really sell people on why this legislation needs to pass (it doesn’t), but that would, of course, take away from Trump’s golfing time.

    Trump should really know better than to go after and bully the Senate Majority Leader. Not smart, Donnie. Not smart at all.

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