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  • Trump Just Committed His Latest Felony With This Real Estate Deal; He Should Be In Prison

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    How Donald Trump is still the President of The United States is a question that many people have. With all his crooked ways, even hiding his tax information from the public, those all red flags. However, there may be another way to prove his criminal ways, and let’s just say it’s a family affair.

    As reported by The Washington Post, Trump’s most pressing tax problem may come from somewhere else entirely: a pre-election transfer of property to a company controlled by his son that could run afoul of the IRS.

    Donald Trump sold some property in New York to his son Eric Trump for way less than its market value. No big deal right? Wrong. This is a prime Midtown neighborhood, yet the sale price for each condo was just $350,000. In addition to that, two months before the sale to Eric Trump’s LLC, they were advertised for $790,000 (on the 13th floor) and $800,000 (on the 14th floor), according to ProPublica.

    As WaPo reports, Trump did not file the proper tax paper work to keep a record of this ‘gift tax’.  It is almost certain that he did not do so for federal gift tax purposes, either. Willful failure to file a tax return, including a gift tax return, is a misdemeanor , punishable by a $25,000 fine, imprisonment of up to one year or both. Fraudulent failure to file — meaning an overt act of evasion — may elevate willful failure to a felony There is also an associated fee of $100,000 and imprisonment of up to five years. However, seeing how the Trumps and their crooked ways have been over looked, hoping that justice is served will probably be just wishful thinking.

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