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  • After Voting Against Trumpcare, McCain Sends Another F*ck You To Republicans

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    Trumpcare is dead… again. This time a Republican was the one holding the knife. That’s right, Senator John McCain is proudly responsible for demolishing Donald Trump’s ridiculous health care bill… this month.

    One Reddit user broke down how GREAT this is for America in the perfect comment. Calling the epiphany amazing and confidently helping people understand just how important McCain’s vote was. Saying,

    I’m not sure if it’s really being appreciated just how comprehensively the Republicans were just fucked over.

    The user goes on to explain that McCain strategically planned for this moment while sitting among the Trump Republicans who thought that this whole ‘Repeal Obamacare’ show down would work in their favor. Hey, right wing… YOU JUST GOT PLAYED… by your own.  The Reddit User continued,

     This bill, though, was allowed to come to the Senate floor, because the Republicans thought they’d secured the votes. Collins, Murkowski and the Democrats would vote no, everyone else would vote yes, and Pence would break the tie. And then McCain completely fucked them. And it was almost certainly a calculated move; he voted to allow the bill to come to the floor. Had McCain allowed it to die in committee, McConnell could have come back with yet another repeal bill; but he let it come to a vote, and now they can’t consider another budget reconciliation bill for the rest of the fiscal year. The Senate needs 60 votes to pass any kind of healthcare reform now.

    To make matters worse, Trump is giving it another shot… beating the horse that is already dead. He wants to now push for simple majority votes, Tweeting out Friday,

     “If Republicans are going to pass great future legislation in the Senate, they must immediately go to a 51 vote majority, not senseless 60 … Even though parts of healthcare could pass at 51, some really good things need 60. So many great future bills & budgets need 60 votes.

    But, while McCain voted ‘NO’, he’s also scheduled to be ‘out of work‘ until August, so it looks like Trump’s going to be missing that 50th vote. Great way to start fresh McCain. Do the right thing.

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