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  • Trump Made Major Military Decision Without Consulting The Pentagon

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    As reported earlier today, Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce the news that he will NOT allow Transgender people to serve in the military because having them on prevents victories.

    Wow, and the people he consulted with are his anonymous “generals” and his “military experts’ which could be any one of his racist, sexist and homophobic administration members.  Look at America today, clearly, advisement from Trump’s team isn’t working.

    This news comes after Trump promised to protect the LGBTQ community during his campaign. He once tweeted,

    “Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs. “

    And now he is breaking that promise.  What makes it worse is that the Pentagon reportedly was not aware of this news according to Adam Blickstein, who is a former  Pentagon Public Affairs Strategic Planner,

    — Adam Blickstein (@AdamBlickstein) July 26, 2017

    Trump is just wanting to hurt people. The trans community receives a lot back lash and is treated with no respect and now taking away their right to protect the country will just confirm HATE. Trump is the epitome of HATE. Trump’s so defiant to the ways of running America while the people before him, made sure to consult every area involved when a decision was made. This reckless behavior can result in so much more damage. Like a war because Trump ‘says so’. We need to get him out before more damage is done.

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