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  • Trump Voters Reveal Their Thoughts On His Presidency Thus Far; Try Not To Laugh

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    When it comes to Donald Trump and all his ‘loyal’ supporters, the tables just keep turning. A few of those who were once a part of Trump’s GOP gang have now had a revelation. Trump is not good for America.

    CNN’s New Day recently sat down with a few people who voted for Trump and you won’t believe the reasons they have. They mentioned the deal breakers being healthcare and even his Muslim ban. The ban, oddly enough, has actually been one of Trump’s main focuses since his campaign. One person explained the new revelations best saying,

    Seriously, how is this just becoming an issue for these people? Have they been under a rock? One Ex-Trump supporter says that it was only after seeing on television how it was really affecting people’s lives, that’s when she took off the ‘rose colored glasses.

    I saw it on the T.V., all of the immigrants were trying to get into the U.S. just standing there. And the look in their eyes was just… ‘what’s going on? Where’s my family? Am I gonna get in?’ and I just thought well that’s really cruel.

    In fact, she said it was just so bad, that it prompted her to create the Facebook page “I Regret Voting For Trump”. And Instead of Trump supporters, she got Hillary Clinton’s supporters who welcomed her to the ‘Resistance Side’.

    Watch more moments from the interview below, including the same former Trump voter, saying there would be a ‘zombie apocalypse under Trump’s health care plan. I dare you not to laugh!

    Featured Image via Getty Images, Twitter, CNN and Screenshot