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  • Trump Jr Teams Up With Daddy To Slam Top News Anchor (DETAILS)

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    Donald Trump Jr. has pulled out his Twitter gloves to tag team against CNN with his Father. Yes, another childish Twitter battle. Like we another one.

    Just when the ‘Fake News’ rants died down, Trump woke up with it on his mind Monday Morning tweeting,

    Trump’s throwing shade at CNN and it’s apparent. So one of the network’s lead anchors Jim Acosta responded to the head ‘tweeter-in-chief’ saying Trump’s Fake News campaign is bad for the democracy. Acosta is known for publicly speaking against Trump and not holding back.

    This comes after Trump also tweeted out in attempts to defend his son once again against the latest Russia collusion claims.

    Hillary Clinton can illegally get question to the Debate & delete 30,000 emails but my son Don is being scored by the Fake News media?

    As reported by Fox NewsEric Trump’s tweet on Monday referred to the network’s former contributor and DNC official Donna Brazile allegedly leaking the network’s debate questions to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

    Listen, Hillary was humiliated, investigated and they dragged her for those emails. But If you’re trying excuse your son’s treason with those emails… try again.  And TRUTH has way more value than a Trump duo any day. THEY are a distortion of democracy.  Stop the tweeting and go get your stories together, because this investigation should bring forth an impeachment and hopefully some jail time.


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