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  • Trump Celebrates ‘Made In America’ Week By Making The Most Hypocritical Move Yet


    Today marks ‘Made In America’ week at the White House–A celebration of United States-based manufacturing and domestic economic consumption. And we all know Donald Trump is the biggest advocate of that. After all, he’s planning to sign a declaration highlighting the importance of manufacturing goods right here in the United States–which is all fine and dandy–except that  the president doesn’t practice what he preaches.

    Here’s where the irony sets in: the hypocrite-in-chief’s  own clothing line, the Donald J. Trump Collection, is made everywhere except in the U.S. Wonder where his His shirts are from? They’re made in Bangladesh. His fancy ties he goes on and on about? They were made in China. And his suits? Made in Mexico. Yes, that’s right Mexico.

    If that’s not enough proof, go ahead and visit Trump’s D.C. hotel where everything and anything is made overseas. You’ll find an infant onesie on sale for $30 that is made in Peru; A Trump golf hat for $32 that is made in Bangladesh;  another type of golf hate for $32 that is made in China; or a Greg Norman golf pullover that goes for $80 that is made in Vietnam; or $15 worth of body butter that is made in Canada, which you could couple with the $15 Trump hair conditioner that is also made in Canada.

    If you look up the saying, “do as I say, not as I do,” you will find a pretty little  picture of our president next to it. He is the definition of hypocrite. Hell, even his own daughter’s clothing line is made by low-wage workers in countries such as Bangladesh, and China.

    The Trump administration will always promote products that are made in America. But businessman Trump has always promoted products that are outside of the country. “Made in America” may be Trump’s signature slogan  but to the Trump family, all it results in is a terrible profit propaganda technique.

    Watch the video, below: 

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