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  • Melania’s First Lady Duties Only Apply While Overseas; What A Phony

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    Since moving into the White House only 5 weeks ago, it seems like the Donald Trump and his family are hardly there. And strangely we have been seeing more First Lady activity from Melania while she has been overseas.

    Question, where is all this First lady-ness here in America? I mean she’s a FLOTUS coming after very active former FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Those are big shoes to fill. And Melania, you’re slacking. While her husband was campaigning, Melania chose for her primary to be devoted to cyber-bullying. Well, that one job she had, she abandoned.

    Melania is such a mystery here in the states, except for her past life (google it), we don’t know her as a First Lady. Yet while over seas she’s been a star standing from behind the shadow of her husband. The Washington Post reports that she has stood behind a podium and spoken publicly, something she rarely does in the United States. She has also made several well-publicized visits to hospitals overseas, in contrast to the handful of deliberately low-key stops she has made to pediatric wards in New York and Washington, D.C.

    She’s out there kissing babies, speaking other languages and making speeches? Um, can we get some of that action over here in the states for whom you actually represent? This is very insulting to the people of the U.S. Why do we have people in the White House who are not willing to fight for America, but willing to give everything for other countries. Including treason activities.

    “We see [Mrs. Trump] so much more when she is abroad, which is really bizarre,” -said Kate Andersen Brower, author of “First Women,” a history of presidential spouses.

    Times like these I remember Michelle who took initiative for America first and made sure every place she’s been outside of America, she would be that same person. While Melania is beautiful and dresses well, the White House is so much more than that!  Michelle was able to sit pretty and still get her hands dirty. As hard as she’s trying to look like her, Melania will NEVER be Jackie Kennedy.

    Get these other phonies out of the White House.  They only have other countries best interests at heart.

    Featured Images via Getty Images.