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  • This Ultimatum That Trump Just Gave The British PM Is Totally Out Of Line (DETAILS)

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    How can Donald Trump run the White House (he can’t regardless) when he’s never there. Just as he is getting back from his back to back Europe trips, he is now planning to go to return, but this time to Britain. Only under one condition though, if the resistance stands down upon his arrival.

    Yes, we have people internationally resisting Trump. The UK has even vowed to peacefully protest anytime he comes.  As reported by Business Insider reported just last month, a  Trump delayed his trip from to the UK for fear of the huge public anger he would face were he to arrive in the country within the next few months.

    A spokesperson for the Stop Trump Coalition said that it doesn’t matter when he comes they will protest.

    “Whether he comes in Spring or Autumn, or to London, Birmingham or Scotland, we will meet him in huge number to say that the politics of hate and prejudice is not welcome here.” 

    They are not playing with him. Even people across the world can smell his bull sh*t. Now Trump is calling on the British Prime Minister Theresa May to handle it or he ain’t coming. Will anyone truly be missing anything if he doesn’t show up?  Trump reportedly (UK’s Sun) told May in private conversation,

    “When I know I’m going to get a better reception, I’ll come and not before. I still want to come, but I’m in no rush … So, if you can fix it for me, it would make things a lot easier.”

    I don’t think there will be any ‘fixing’ anytime soon. It’s a huge red flag when even countries around the world can feel our pain. Get him out of the White House.

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