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  • Leave It To Cher To Say EXACTLY What We’re All Thinking About Trump (TWEET)


    If there’s one thing that has become abundantly clear, Donald Trump only cares about the people who like him. If you dare criticize him or appear to show disdain for him, he’ll throw you under the bus or rage tweet about you quicker than a horrible misogynist says “grab her by the p***y.”

    One person who clearly doesn’t give a rat’s ass what Trump thinks about her, because why would anyone, is Cher.

    In a tweet that encapsulates how most everyone who isn’t blinded by Trump’s madness and apathy thinks of him, Cher said what we’re all thinking.

    Doing our best to translate Cher’s tweet with all her glorious emojis, she wrote:

    “Why doesn’t King Trump JUST SAY IT… “I only want rich, white, healthy, Christian people who play golf, kill things, and love oil in my USA, all others may fall into the sewer.””


    Now, keep in mind that may not be an exact translation, but we feel it’s pretty damn close to the legendary performer’s intention.

    Trump ran for president for himself and his brand. This is more than evident with how he visits his properties every weekend, how his kids are making business deals, and how little he actually seems to care for the American public.

    Good on you, Cher, for telling it like it is!

    Featured Photo via Getty Images