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Breaking: Jared Kushner’s Lawyer Fires Him, His New Lawyer Shows He’ll Get Jail Time

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Jared Kushner the usual ‘quiet one’ has found himself in the midst of the corrupt Trump clan not only by marriage with The President’s daughter Ivanka, but he’s also an advisor to head Liar in Cheif. In recent news, it was revealed that he was also a huge part of the Russian scandal.

Earlier this week The New York Time’s broke the story about Donald Trump Jr and Kushner’s meeting with a Russian Lawyer to obtain dirt on Hillary Clinton. While Trump Jr. made a mockery of what was happening, Kushner lawyered up because he knew things weren’t looking good for him.

According to Yahoo! News, Jamie Gorelick, a politically well-connected lawyer who has been representing Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, is turning over all responsibilities for the Russia investigation to Abbe Lowell, another well-known Washington criminal defense lawyer.

Looks like Gorelick understands the severity of the situation at hand. She’s dealing with some A1 crooks! This news comes after a document from the Department of Justice revealed that Kushner met with a Russian spy.

Now, Kushner’s new lawyer, Lowell is taken on this mess and he probably isn’t the best guy for the job. Especially due to the fact that ‘s he’s represented Senator John Edwards and Washington Fixer Jack Abramoff. We know those corrupt and scandalous cases weren’t represented the best. Two guilty, unfaithful and cheating crooks. And now you can add Kushner that mix.

This is just not looking good for Kushner. But he made his bed along with the Trump clan and now he has to lay in his mess.


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