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  • The CBO Just Let Us Know Trump’s REALLY Bad At Math; Here’s How Badly He Messed Up His Budget

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    Donald Trump should have never given his new budget to the Congressional Budget Office… because they have questions. That will most likely embarrass him.

    For starters, why is it off by $3.4 trillion? As reported by CNN, Trump’s calculations rest on the assumption that real GDP will increase 3% year-over-year by 2020. But the CBO says not so fast. The nonpartisan agency pegs its estimate around 1.8% — much closer to the average rate over the last two decades.

    In other words Trump’s team over calculated. They are really reaching with their projections. Like how are you off by trillions? You really think that your administration is really going to bring in that much with the way you are running this country. Yea… no. As a businessman, this is a loss. You’re fired.

    CNN also reported that “Nearly all of that difference arises because the administration projects higher revenue collections — stemming mainly from a projection of faster economic growth.”

    Check out how they project the differences on this graph below,

    Here is another example of how the President solidifies that he is indeed the ‘liar in chief’.

    Featured image via Getty images