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  • Eric Trump Reveals How Out Of Touch His Family Is With Working America In One Statement (VIDEO)


    In yet another moment showing how absolutely out of touch the Trump family is with working America, Eric Trump just appeared on ‘Fox & friends’ to say Russian interference never happened and poor people should just open up their retirement accounts to see how great his daddy is.

    “Just open up your 401Ks.”

    Watch him here explain to working America that they have money in their pockets because of their “401K’s”:

    First of all, Eric, 401K’s, for those who do have them, are not money in your pocket to feed your family, it’s money for your retirement — it’s not liquid. Secondly, that’s if you’re lucky enough to have the ability to have a retirement if you’re not too worried about keeping a roof over your family’s head and food in their stomachs.

    In other words, Eric Trump is touting an economy that is good for the wealthy and upper middle class.

    Let’s also get something perfectly clear, “lines at Home Depot” mean absolutely nothing. If anything, it could be due to a lack of cashiers. Also, how many of you believe Eric Trump has ever been to a Home Depot in his privileged life? He probably thinks it’s a depot where you can buy fully furnished homes in bulk.

    The Trump family knows nothing of what it’s like to work hard, struggle, and be successful on their own. Donald Trump had his career handed to him by his daddy and now his kids have their businesses handed to them by their daddy. And good on them for having the ability to do so, but they shouldn’t dare try to offer regular working Americans any sort of advice or make them think they know what it’s like to struggle. That’s insulting.

    The Trump’s need to go. Donald Sr. needs to resign and the kids (the adult kids all too happy to be in the limelight like their dad) need to drift off into obscurity.

    Featured image via video screen capture