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  • Eric Trump Accidentally Admits There’s No Line Between White House And Trump Businesses


    When Donald Trump took office, he told America that he was handing over his business empire to his sons, and subsequently that would supposedly keep everything separate.

    However, on far more than one occasion, we’ve seen the Trump boys, Don Jr. and Eric, by their father’s side at events at the White House and beyond. And to be honest, there’s nothing really keeping the *president from weighing in on matters of the family business.

    Now, while appearing on Fox News, Eric Trump, while whining about how mean the left is, decided to let something slip. He said, regarding the recent Congressional races:

    “We’re 5 and 0 right now.”

    The real number is four, but alternative facts are all the rage right now. However, that’s not the problem. The problem is that Eric used “we’re”. If Trump is keeping everything separate between the White House and his sons running the business, there should be no “we” it should have been “he” and/or Republicans.

    And yes, this is a problem. Eric Trump is clearly going on Fox News to do appearances for the Trump administration and put out narratives. There seems to be absolutely no separation between the Trump empire and the White House, and that isn’t okay. There needs to be a visible split, and that will include no longer seeing the Trump youth touting lies on national television for their father.

    Watch him make the slip shortly after the 3-minute mark:

    (*pending investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election)

    Featured image via video screen capture