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  • Trump’s Latest Tweet Proves He Doesn’t Know Who’s Running In Georgia; Twitter Shames Him

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    otheDonald Trump is always looking to defend people who are just wrong because they represent the GOP.  We can always count on a tweet to support his ignorance.

    In Trump’s latest tweet, he cosigns Republican congressional candidate Karen Handel for the state of Georgia. She’s running against Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff.  Trump urges people to vote for her with no persuasive supporting reasons and just calls her ‘Karen H’.

    How are people really supposed to know exactly who the President is speaking of? Especially Trump’s Twitter supporters who aren’t the brightest crayons in the box, let’s face it. And what the hell are ‘P’s’?Twitter helped explain both.

    And of course, those not so bright Trump supporters stepped in to defend the President, but Twitter quickly blocked that effort.

    As mentioned in the tweet above, Handel is the woman who doesn’t believe in ‘liveable wage’ for the American people. CNN reported that when she was asked about her position on minimum wage, Handel, a Republican, responded: “This is an example of a fundamental difference between a liberal and a conservative. I do not support a livable wage.”

    So, Trump before you go encouraging us to vote for your crooked minions, you get to know them yourself and tell the people who they would really be voting for. And you could have definitely used another Tweet to endorse her when your 140 characters ran up so that people would know her name and exactly wtf a ‘P’ is SMH. As much as Trump uses Twitter you would think he knows these things. Then again, his ignorance isn’t surprising.

    Long story short, don’t vote Handel, she does not care about YOU and how you live. Just like Trump.

    Featured Image via Getty Images and Twitter.