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    After the latest attack in London, England, there’s been an outpouring of support for the people who’ve been affected by the events there. It appears the attack was on the Muslim community, which has literally left Donald Trump speechless.

    After the attack that happened two weeks ago, that happened to be perpetrated by Islamic extremists, Trump used the moment to push is Muslim ban like the xenophobic jerk that he is. However, now, with the latest attack targeting Muslims, he literally hasn’t said a word. Apparently, Trump only cares about victims when they fit who he deems worthy of caring about.

    One member of the Trump family, however, did decide to tweet about the most recent attack. An attack that is equally as terroristic and deserves to be equally condemned. Ivanka Trump called for unity against hatred in all its ugly forms.

    Ivanka tweeted:

    “Sending love and prayers to the victims in London. We must stand united against hatred and extremism in all it’s ugly forms.”


    Think about that. Ivanka just condemned hatred and extremism in all its ugly forms. It must then be safely assumed that she’s also condemning her father because his hatred for the other is made in statements nearly every day.

    Now, if she doesn’t see that she just spoke out against her father and his hate, that means Ivanka is a raging hypocrite and just as pathetic as her dear old daddy. But, for now, let’s assume the best. That Ivanka has finally come to her senses and is willing to speak out against her dad’s vitriolic and unhinged rhetoric.

    It’s nice to dream, right?

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