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  • As Trump Get Closer To Impeachment; Heres Who Mike Pence Would Choose As VP


    While Donald Trump is still being investigated for his potentially treasonous acts, the reality of  Mike Pence becoming president of the United States is starting to set in as Republicans are now asking themselves: who will be Pence’s VP?

    Reports that Pence’s potential VP candidate is the center of a Republican “parlor game.” The game focuses on the “effect” each candidate would have on the country according to Axios. 

    Obtained by Leftscoop, here are the four categories  these Fantasy-VP picks were placed in

    The “Keep Trumpism Alive!” team consists of three of the most controversial members in Trump’s circle: Jeff Sessions, Rudy Giuliani, and Newt Gingrich. Each of these candidates would also bring something to the White House that would certainly leave with Trump: personality. Maybe not a winning personality, but a personality nonetheless.

    On the “Make America Normal Again” team, there’s Paul Ryan, Nikki Haley, and the star pitcher, Mitt Romney. These candidates are so Republican, it’s almost boring to write about. They also have less personality than Pence, which is a hard image to accomplish.

    Next is the “Reassure America” team. These candidates are the more trusted people in the Republican party, and possibly the country. Bob Fates and Mitch Daniels have been discussed, but the big catch here would be John “I did a cool video skit with Obama” Boehner.

    Finally, there’s the “Calm America Down” team. These candidates are so different than Trump, the idea is that the entire country will breathe a sigh of relief and feel hope again. And they aren’t going to be Republicans, since the country is losing trust in the party. One of these players is Michael Bloomberg, keeping a billionaire in the White House. But the other would probably be the greatest comeback in Washington history: Uncle Joe or more formally known as Joe Biden.

    Now, this is all hypothetical– but whoever his pick may be, let’s hope Pence knows to choose someone who is as far-related to Trump as humanly possible.