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  • Trump’s Financial Disclosure Is Released And It Proves Something Very Disturbing

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    A 98-page document that details all of Donald Trump’s various assets, liabilities and some income has just been released by the U.S Government Of Ethics.

    Trump, who broke his campaign promise to release his tax returns as the Republican nominee for president — and who has still not committed to releasing any tax returns — decided to humor with his 2015 and 2016 financial disclosures as sufficient sources of public information on his financial life according to Politico.

    Remember Trump’s frequent trips to Mar-a-Lago? Well, that collected more income in 2016 than the previous two years. In 2015, it totaled 15.6 million, 2016 racked up 29.8 million, and thus far in 2017–it’s totaled 37.2 million. That is nuts. In 2014, before Trump was a presidential candidate, Mar-a-Lago collected $15.6 million income. Just before taking office, the private club doubled its membership fee to $200,000 annually. Trump has made dozens of trips to the Florida resort since his inauguration which proves that he is pocketing more money as president.

    In true Donald Trump form, he left out many crucial details in his disclosure. It doesn’t provide any information on taxes paid or total business debts–he is legitimately hiding that from us. The form is simply a diversion, not a revelation.

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