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  • Trump Just Took Credit For Raul Castro’s Retirement In Cuba; Humiliates Our Nation Yet Again


    Someone needs to stop Donald Trump from going overseas and embarrassing not only himself (he does that on a daily basis) but our nation as well.

    During his announcement of the administration’s new Cuba policy, Trump decided to spew out more lies by trying to take credit for Raul Castro’s 2013 decision to retire in 2018.

    Trump says:

    “Luis buried his grief in his great love of music. He began playing the violin so brilliantly and so beautifully. Soon the regime saw his incredible gift and wanted to use him for propaganda purposes. When he was 12, they organized a national television special and demanded he play a solo for Raul Castro — who by the way is leaving now. I wonder why.”

    News flash Trump: Castro isn’t leaving because of you.

    Castro announced in February 2013 that he would be retiring at the end of his second term at age 86. Trump tried to sell Castro’s leaving as a “win” for him, but the decision to retire was announced four years before Trump took office, so the liar-in-chief  had nothing to do with Castro’s decision to leave despite what he says.

    Trump didn’t send Raul Castro into retirement. He also didn’t capture Bin Laden or bring about the fall of the Berlin Wall.The fact that Trump is taking of credit for things that he didn’t do is an absolute insult to the people of the United States of America. Trump had one job: to announce the new Cuban policy, but naturally–Trump has to brag about his so-called accomplishments–even if those accomplishments didn’t even happen.

    Watch the video, below: