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  • Trump Just Put His Party Planner In Charge Of Housing Program; We Sh*t You Not


    Who needs experience in doing anything when you can just be pals with Donald Trump and get given a role you are not at all qualified to do?

    This is what just happened as Trump appoints one of his longtime event planners to a key role in New York.

    According to the New York Daily News:

    “President Trump has appointed longtime loyalist Lynne Patton — who has zero housing experience and claims a law degree the school says she never earned — to run the office that oversees federal housing programs in New York.

    Patton was appointed Wednesday to head up the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Region II, which includes New York and New Jersey, where she’ll oversee distribution of billions of taxpayer dollars.”

    CLEVELAND, OH – JULY 20: Lynne Patton (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

    According to her LinkedIn, Patton is:

    “Responsible for organizing, executing and assisting with upscale events and celebrity golf tournaments. Handle celebrity talent acquisition for various marketing projects, philanthropic events and golf tournaments.”

    Seems like a solid choice for U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for a major district. (sense the sarcasm)

    Apparently, Patton also has a questionable law degree. NY Daily News reports:

    “She also claims on her LinkedIn page to have obtained a juris doctorate degree in 2000 from Quinnipiac University School of Law in Connecticut. Next to the J.D. notation is written (N/A) without explanation.

     On Thursday school registrar Jim Benson said Patton attended for two semesters but did not graduate.”

    The fact that she’s this shady seems to fit perfectly with the fact that she’s pals with Donald Trump. Shady loves shady.

    Patton was also a part of the Trump campaign and arranged Eric’s wedding. She also plays a key role at Eric Trump’s foundation. Yes, the same foundation that is currently being looked at for taking money from a children’s cancer charity and laundering it through to Trump businesses.

    This is just another example in a long list of examples that Trump and his cronies are absolutely up to no good.

    Featured Photo by Getty Images