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  • Senate Republicans Were Just Asked About Trumpcare; Their Response Is Pretty Pitiful

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    There is not one single person in the whole of the Republican party—either in Congress or in the vaunted think tanks, who has a brain-cell.  In the past seven years, they had one goal and one goal only: opposing and trying to somehow defeat former President Obama. That’s where their thinking on healthcare reform started…..oh, and where it stopped.

    Republican lawmakers, yes those same lawmakers who are desperately trying to repeal and replace Obamacare, are unable to answer simple, basic questions about their precious Trump care that their crafting in secret–which is absolutely pathetic.

    Over the past week,  Vox reporters asked eight Republican senators to explain the affirmative case for the bill and  rarely answered directly, at least not on the bill’s policy merits.

    Here is the break-down:

    Question 1: How will Republicans lower premiums?

    “It’s working together and coming up with a bill that does do that,” Sen. John Boozman of Arkansas said.

    Well, isn’t that great, John, too bad you didn’t even answer the question.

    Moving on:

    What tool will bring stability to Obamacare’s volatile exchanges?

    “By bringing certainty to the insurance market,” Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa said.

    How is that a tool? It has nothing to do with stability.

    What new policy will lead tax cuts to lower premiums?

    “It’s teetering because the exchanges are failing,” Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi replied.

    If they are failing, what exactly is going to be the new policy? Once again–dodging the question and pretending that their response actually answers it.

    Those are just some of the bogus responses you can click here to read the rest.

    The truth of the matter is all these responses were transparently pathetic. There is no reason that Republican shouldn’t be able to give valid responses to questions that they are suppose to know the answers to at this point.

    Watch the video via Content.News, below:

    Featured Image via Getty Images