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  • Republican Makes Rallying Cry To ‘Grab Muskets’ Just One Day After Scalise Shooting (TWEET)


    It looks as though there are a few folks who simply can’t be decent human beings. Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh is one of those people.

    Walsh may not be a Congressman anymore, but he hasn’t gone anywhere and is still a very loud and vocal voice for conservatives.

    Back before the 2016 presidential election, Walsh tweeted out that if Trump lost he’s gonna grab his musket. More than insinuating that he was gonna take up arms against the government if he didn’t get his way.


    Now, with the shooting of Senator Steve Scalise (R-LA), Walsh’s tweet has resurfaced, and instead of making the call to come together as a nation, he’s doubling down on his calls for violence.

    Walsh was even called out on his call for violence on Twitter when someone said:

    “Even if this former Congressman meant this figuratively, this type of violent speech is irresponsible hyperbole.”


    However, Walsh didn’t back down. In fact, he tweeted:

    “I meant it literally. Grab your musket.”


    He’s literally calling for people to grab their guns and take aim. This isn’t okay. This is never okay, and he needs to be called out for his threats of violence.

    Let’s also be clear about something, the issue of gun violence and how to deal with guns and government shouldn’t be a partisan issue, it should be a bipartisan effort to have a functioning government without the fear of violence.

    Walsh should be ashamed of himself and, at the very least, be booted off Twitter.

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