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  • The Look On This Republican Senator’s Face In A Meeting With Trump Is All Of Us Right Now

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    Earlier today Donald Trump hosted another meeting/lunch focused on healthcare with Republican senators. Different than his roundtable meeting yesterday where he had his team of cabinet members kiss his ass, but still nauseating because he boasted about himself, and only touched on healthcare. However, it was the face of the woman sitting right next to him which made watching the meeting all worth while.

    Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was clearly not here for the b.s. spewing out of Trump’s mouth. She looked as if she wanted to be as far away from him as possible. Between her body language and her face, there was no hiding her true feelings. She was expressing exactly how we all feel.

    According to Politicus USA,

    Murkowski is a serious legislator, and she has been an opponent of the House version of Trumpcare that killed the Medicaid expansion.

    That will also explain why she was not feeling the President selling lies to the senators, because she knows his bill doesn’t benefit anyone, especially the women. Her face was the perfect representation of how Trump’s own party actually feels about him. Check the moment out below starting at 4:22.

    Featured Image via Getty Images, YouTube, and Screenshot