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  • Senate Republicans Just Voted To Arm Terrorists Around The World (DETAILS)

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    Trump and GOP have just made a decision that could have a huge negative effect on the U.S. As reported by The Hill, Tuesday, the Senate just rejected the effort to block President Trump’s $110 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

    Which means we could be in big trouble. Top Republican, Mitch McConnell, already warned that America should not sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, it would be a problem to our country’s allies.

    “As we know, some have raised the issue of Saudi conduct of that war, but blocking this arms sale will diminish Saudi capability to target with precision. …Part of the training provided to Saudi Arabia will be on subjects such as avoiding civilian casualties.”

    Even Republican Senator, Bob Corker was so confused as to why anyone would want to reject stopping this move that could prevent ‘unintended casualties’ from airstrikes.

    “This is something — it’s hard for me to understand why people would oppose the selling of precision guided missiles.”

    Although the efforts to block the sale were stopped, other Republicans still encouraged to continue the fight. Senator Rand Paul took to Twitter to state his case.

    “Saudi Arabia is causing a humanitarian crisis with a war in Yemen. It funds extremism worldwide. Abuses human rights. Stop arming them now.”
    The Hill also reported that Paul and Sens. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Al Franken (D-Minn.) are using a frequently overlooked provision in the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) that allows them to force a vote if the Senate Relations Committee doesn’t take up their motion within 10 days. 
    Only Trump and his money hungry administration would see the benefit in selling missiles to a team of terrorists who has been known to kill its civilians with random airstrikes. This is just sad. Let’s hope the sane Republicans, even Democrats can get this turned around… fast!