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  • Mayor Removes Town Hall Pictures Of Trump And Pence; Calls Them Offensive

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    Jackson, Wyoming’s mayor stripping down Donald Trump’s picture from the town hall is probably the best news you’ll hear all day. Talk about making a statement.

    But this so much more than a statement, according to The Hill, Mayor Pete Muldoon had the people of Jackson in mind. He opted not to honor the President because it would be offensive to them. Wow, a man for the people. How rare now and days.

    Through an email addressing the decision, the mayor said

    “The Town of Jackson will not take sides by honoring any partisan politician. We aren’t required to display signs of respect — our respect is earned, not demanded.”
    Muldoon also stripped down Vice President Mike Pence’s photo as well. He replaced them with a photo of  Native American Cheif Washakie, a leader of the Shoshone tribe. The mayor stressed that he wanted to remove politics from the equation, and he would have done the same when Barack Obama was in office.
    “We all have our own political views, but I don’t think the town should be promoting one over another. And we do that when we place a politician’s picture up.”
    Yea, sure. The Hill also reported that Muldoon’scounty was the only one in Wyoming that did not support Trump during the elections. We see you Muldoon, we acknowledge the resistance. Own it!
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