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  • Trump’s Secretary Of Defense Was Asked To Defend Trump On Fox; He Refused (DETAILS)

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    Looks like Donald Trump can’t even count on the members of his own administration to have his back. Ironically, not even his Secretary of Defense wants to defend him. Can you blame James Mattis though?

    According to Politicus USA, Mattis has refused to make an appearance on the pro-Trump show, ‘Fox and Friends’ where he will ultimately be asked questions that require him to defend the President. However, New York Times brought clarity to the reason why reporting,

    “But people close to Mr. Mattis said that he distinguished between requests from Mr. Trump himself and those from administration aides, who have called the Pentagon weekly suggesting that he go on “Fox & Friends,” the Fox News morning show that is supportive of Mr. Trump, for instance, but to no avail.”

    Times also reported that Mattis’ is more of a more low-key person who does not really care for the limelight.

    Mr. Mattis’s low profile is part of his strategy for exerting influence from within, at one-on-one meetings with Mr. Trump or the dinners he has with the president and General Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    Whatever excuse Mattis is trying to give, we know the truth. There is no defending Trump! It only makes you look crazy.

    Featured Image Via Twitter and Getty Images