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  • Trump Makes His Top Cabinet Members Kiss Hiss A** On Live TV (VIDEO)

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    Just a few moments ago, Donald Trump met with his cabinet members to talk about the accomplishments the administration has done as a team. However, Trump had the cabinet members praise him for what (mess) he has already done while in office. The nationally televised moment looked a lot like an ass kissing session, kind of forced. Sounded like men and women who were just doing as they were told so they could keep their jobs. Pressure.

    Vice President Mike Pence actually started the sideshow off nervously saying

    It’s the greatest privilege of my life to serve as the Vice President, assembling a team that is bringing real change, real prosperity, and real strength back to our nation.

    And then poured in the rest of the lies. Twitter was quite disturbed at the awkward moment and quickly took off in criticism mostly calling the moment sickening to watch.

    Agreed! This was quite hard to watch. Just listening to Trump’s GOP gang force themselves to say something positive about his leadership while he encouraged it. It was like watching a moment from the movie ‘Get Out’. Just a whole bunch of lost people mentally screaming to be free through their poker faces. View the moment below.


    Featured Images Via Gett Images and Twitter