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The Trumps Can’t Seem To Stay Out Of Trouble; Eric Trump Under Investigation…Again (DETAILS)


As much as we might have a little hope for Donald Trump’s spawns to be better than him, it seems that they just prove how much like their father they actually are.

In the latest Trump news, Eric Trump’s foundation, the Eric Trump Foundation, is being investigated for possibly funneling $100,000 to the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

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According to The Hill, the money made as donations during an annual golf tournament passed through Eric’s foundation was put into Trump’s  golf courses for ‘expenses during the tournaments, despite donors being told that all their money would go to charity’.  What a crook!

Eric Soufer, the communications director for the New York state attorney general, verified that these claims will indeed be investigated.

“The attorney general’s office is looking into the issues raised by this report,”

Eric Schneiderman’s office was previously investigating Eric’s foundation and is taking over this investigation as well.

Trump and his mini-me may have violated New York state and federal law, which of course makes them criminals (although they already are).

Trump may have been trying to prevent this news from hitting the hot water, because back in December, he announced that he would dissolve his charity due to a possible conflict of interest. Sketchy.

However, a New York State attorney general has already said that isn’t happening until a criminal ‘probe’ of the charity takes place.

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