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  • J.K. Rowling Heroically Makes Fun Of Trump Shoving NATO Leader; It’s Pretty Damn Hilarious (TWEET)


    When it comes to who dislikes Donald Trump the most, it’s a pretty tough playing field. From Trump’s hatred of minorities to his clear disdain for women, to his tax plan that decimates the poor and working class, a lot of people have a lot of reasons not to like the man.

    One person who has always made clear her distaste for Trump is none other than legendary author J. K. Rowling. All throughout the election, she brutally mocked him on Twitter, and it was hilarious each and every time. So, you can only imagine what Rowling did when Trump pushed aside a fellow NATO leader to force himself to the front of the pack for a photo op.

    Rowling tweeted:

    “You tiny, tiny, tiny little man.”

    And she couldn’t be more correct. From his shove to the posturing afterward as he pompously straightened his jacket as if to show further dominance, it was a sad attempt at making himself look powerful.

    Indeed, Ms. Rowling, Trump is a sad tiny, tiny, tiny little man who feels the need to bully to make himself feel more big and powerful. It’s painfully obvious.

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