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  • Ivanka’s Tax Docs Just Leaked; She’s Just As Bad As Trump (IMAGE)

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    When it comes to Donald Trump and his taxes, America always comes up with nothing. That is clearly because the man wants to hide all of his illegal activities. Well, today one of his spawn’s taxes just leaked and it revealed that she did not pay taxes.

    Yep, according to the state tax document, The President’s daughter Ivanka Trump has had not one but TWO tax liens placed on her jewelry company. The tax liens from 2015 are in the amount of $320,310.53 to be exact. View Below.

    Of course, Twitter read Ivanka for filth for being a total hypocrite and not paying taxes. One Twitter user under the Handle This Just In tweeted directly to Ivanka,

    But the taxpayers are paying for travel, security, housing, etc, for the despicable @IvankaTrump who doesn’t pay taxes.

    Other people even referred to them as robbers, saying that have nothing on Bonnie and Clyde. One person even went so far to say this was all just a scheme for the first family to help Ivanka file for unnecessary bankruptcy.

    It’s highly unlikely that Ivanka didn’t have the money to pay her taxes. She just chose not to. We see the apple does not fall too far from the tree. What excuse is Trump going to come up with for his little girl now? He’ll probably offer her advice on how to hide this type of information from the public. Fire them all! It’s time to do a White House clean up.