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  • Trump Panics Over Russia, Just Called A Meeting With His Lawyers (DETAILS)

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    Donald Trump is in full blown panic mode right now, thanks to the increasing heat on his Russia scandal. It’s gotten so bad, that he’s even had to pull together a last minute meeting with his lawyers before leaving for his overseas trip.

    During this meeting, Trump and his personal legal team discussed the Special Counsel that had just been appointed to look into the Russia scandal, how the investigation would play out, and what would be asked of the Trump administration. Trump was such a mess, he even made his attorney Michael Cohen travel all the way from NYC for the emergency session.

    White House Counsel Don McGahn had already advised Trump to be careful with the things he says, and to retain any documents that might be requested. Clearly, it’s a move to keep Trump from incriminating himself any more than he already has after the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Politico reported:

    “One objective: to keep Trump from hurting himself any further. Two senior administration officials said they believed Trump’s letter firing [FBI Director James] Comey was a mistake.”

    However, if Trump’s team really wanted to help Trump keep his mouth shut and stop making matters worse, they would work on severely limiting this moron’s access to Twitter. There have been numerous times when Trump dug himself a deeper hole with his tweets, or shared information that was inappropriate over social media.

    The truth is, not even the best group of lawyers can stop Trump from making his situation worse. Trump has made it perfectly clear that no one can control him, and he’s created such tension with his White House staff that his administration is helpless whenever he flies off the handle. Trump barely takes the advice of his own advisers – so it’s highly unlikely that he’ll actually listen to his lawyers.

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