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  • Even Trump’s New FBI Pick Predicted How Bad A Trump Presidency Would Be (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump already has a top choice to replace former FBI director, James Comey, whom he recently fired. He wasted absolutely no time.

    Comey’s replacement option is a former Independent senator named Joe Lieberman, who strangely seconds as a comedian. And get this, Leiberman already predicted how terrible a president Donald Trump would be 18 years ago. 18 YEARS AGO. Can’t make this stuff up.

    Lieberman knew that someone like Trump, a real estate mogul, couldn’t ever possibly take something like running the White House serious. He was right.

    As reported by The Hill, a video resurfaced early Friday, where Lieberman was performing a set at a “Funniest Celebrity in D.C.” contest in 1999. Leiberman started his set saying that Trump would have an all female staff because he’s a “ladies man”.  A real grab em by the pu***y type of guy. The former senator started by listing off few names.

    “Now here are some early predictions of who will be in [Trump’s] cabinet,Secretary of Energy Carmen Electra, Secretary of Defense Xena the Warrior Princess, Secretary of Housing [New York hotel magnate] Leona Helmsley, Secretary of Education Vanna White, Attorney General Judge Judy.”

    The question is did Trump even do his research on who they hell he’s hiring. This is sad! The man does not even know how to put and KEEP a team, that actually supports him, together.

    The former senator/comedian actually even joked about a real-life battle between Trump and Pat Buchanan, who was then part of the ‘reform-party‘.

    “And if this was old-time politics and not reform politics, they’d put the two of them together on a ticket, of course, the Trump-Buchanan ticket. Think of what would happen if they got elected: they’d probably turn the White House into luxury high-rise co-ops, but it’d be very hard for any Jews to get in”

    Leiberman, may not have gotten everything right, but he did know, that having  Trump as President would be a fail for the country. Lieberman, though, may have to be looking for another job. Take a look at the video below starting at the 1:45:53.

    Featured Image/Video Via Getty And YouTube