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  • Trump’s Budget Is So Unreasonable It Could Possibly Lead To Another Gov’t Shutdown (DETAILS)

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    Donald Trump is a very rich man and has been even before becoming President. So naturally, he likes to spend. But now that he is President, someone is going to need to advise him. Because according to the House Democratic Leaders, the way Trump’s 2018 budget seems to be set up, we could be looking at a potential government shut down.

    The Hill reports that his budget, which was dubbed a ‘skinny budget’ includes a proposal for a $54 billion increase in defense (military) spending, but a cut to domestic programs favored by the democrats. The skinny budget is actually Trump’s ‘blueprint’ budget’. So just imagine what the numbers on the actual budget will be. Yep, probably just as ridiculous as the damn $54 billion he tried to push on the house.

    Nita Lowey, a senior Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee, warned reporters at a press briefing outside the Capitol not to even entertain the budget because it isn’t going to happen.

    “[There’s] no chance this could happen, so if you want to shut the government down, keep talking about this skinny budget.”

    Although Trump’s budget didn’t go into details as to what would be cut, according to The Hill, spending reductions of that magnitude would necessarily lead to removing ‘a long list’ of domestic programs, including many that disproportionately benefit low-income people.

    It is very clear that Trump and his gang are focusing on the needs of the country, which isn’t to help the people of our nation who may be less fortunate or rely solely on domestically funded programs because they have no choice. Nope. We need more weapons for our military to play with.

    Trump has no idea what he is doing and how it hurts the people of our country. He needs to find a balance… but as we’ve seen, that’s not humanly possible for him.

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