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  • Time Magazine Just Turned The White House Into The Kremlin; It’s Brutal (IMAGE)


    It’s become more than clear that many publications, both online and in print, are no longer glossing over the fact that Russia has influence over our current administration.

    Not holding back, TIME magazine’s latest cover shows the White House slowly turning into Russia’s Kremlin.

    It’s as unsettling as it is honest, and a brutally brilliant piece of cover art.

    Here it is:

    With more and more news dropping every day surrounding Russia’s influence on the Trump administration, the deceit and purposeful attempts to shut down investigations, as well as ongoing lies — this story isn’t about to go away anytime soon.

    And as much as Trump tries to say that the media is lying about him and his administration with tweets such as this…

    … which is as false as it is pathetic, the facts are presenting themselves and it’s looking more and more like Trump better back his bags and practice his resignation speech. He should probably practice it in Russian as well.

    Trump likes to play the victim as he abuses the entire nation, and he will go down as the most corrupt and vile president in United States history. If he doesn’t resign, he will be impeached, and he will hopefully go to prison.

    Featured Photo via Getty Images