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  • BREAKING: Russia Just Tried to Hack The Pentagon (DETAILS)

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    It seems that Donald Trump’s ‘alleged’ ties to Russia have opened the doors for the kremlin clan to potentially gain access to more classified information. By more, we mean what information is left to share that  Trump hasn’t already.

    But now, Russia has decided to take matters into their own hands when it comes to obtaining secure U.S. information. According to Time Magazine, Russia attempted to gain access to the Twitter accounts of Defense Department officials using messages carrying malware.

    Over 10,000 Pentagon Twitter users received messages from Russia. The messages were tailored to their interests driving them to click on the stories. This would then give the hackers control of the person’s twitter account through a mobile device or their computer.

    Time also reported that the hacking attempt was documented in March to the same folks investigating the Russian interference efforts in the 2016 presidential election.

    However, Russia trying to hack U.S systems isn’t anything new. Let’s not forget what happened during the 2016 election with Hilary Clinton. Russia found and leaked those emails…‘allegedly’, although signs point to kremlin.

    Senator Mike Rounds, who chairs a subcommittee overseeing the Pentagon’s cybersecurity efforts, has recognized that this can present challenges.

    “Today, cyber and other disinformation-related tools have enabled Russia to achieve operational capabilities unimaginable to its Soviet forbear. Ultimately, we will continue to struggle with cyber-enhanced information operation campaigns until we address the policy and strategy deficiencies that undermine our overall cyber posture.”

    Just say thank you to Trump for basically making our country vulnerable, and selling his soul over to Russia for a seat in the White House. How much longer before he’s impeached?

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