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  • Trump Is A Hypocrite; Honors Fallen Police At White House But Ignores Police Killings Of Blacks

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    Monday evening Donald Trump lit the White House in a bright blue honoring fallen police officers. This was one of the few events that headed the week, which the President has deemed “Police Week”.

    As reported by The Hill, along with creating “Police Week”, Trump signed a proclamation Monday that declared that day “Peace Officer Memorial Day”.

    He also requested that American flags should be flown at half-staff to be an observance of the new ‘holiday’. In the proclamation, Trump went into detail as to why we should honor them.

    During Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week, we honor the men and women of law enforcement who have been killed or disabled in the course of serving our communities. Police officers are the thin blue line whose sacrifices protect and serve us every day, and we pledge to support them as they risk their lives to safeguard ours.

    Now, this a great thing that Trump is doing here. Our fallen police officers should definitely be honored, however what about our black men and black boys who have been killed at the hands of police officers for no reason at all. Who’s honoring them? Why has the President been so quiet on the issue of police brutality? It’s REAL, and it’s happening too often!

    While Trump was lighting up the White House yesterday, Betty Shelby, a white female police officer took the stand to defend killing Terrance Crutcher. He was an unarmed black man whose vehicle broke down on the side of the road back in September of 2016.

    According to Oklahoma’s News on 6,

    Shelby said Terence Crutcher is responsible for his own death. She said she was in control of herself, and he was in control of his actions.

    Just last month, a 15-year-old UNARMED black boy, leaving a party was fatally shot by a white police officer. His name was Jordan Edwards. Donald Trump had more than enough opportunity to put aside his scandals to focus on this growing issue. Shoot, at least mention it in a tweet. He. Did. NOTHING.

    The worst part of it is, these police officers are trying to justify these senseless murders that they commit and they are getting off on these cases with just a slap on the wrist. All while families are left to mourn, and the world is forced to normalize these shootings.

    Donald Trump once claimed during his campaign that he would hear the voices of “African-Americans” and understand the struggles, so much so that he’d have “95%” of their vote in his second term. Not in this lifetime.

    *Insert Kanye West voice here* Donald Trump does NOT care about Black people.

    Featured Image via Getty Images and Twitter.