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  • New Poll Suggests That America Has Their Own Plans For Trump; It’s Really Bad

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    President Donald Trump is facing a tremendous amount of backlash, including his firing last week of FBI Director James Comey and reports that he distributed highly classified intelligence to Russian officials. Now, America is completely on edge and Trump’s future as President seems to be in jeopardy.

    A new Public Policy Poll indicates that more Americans want Donald Trump to be impeached, while merely 41 percent of Americans disagree.

    There are an infinite amount of ways Trump is jeopardizing his presidency (seriously the list is never-ending). One in particular, is the trust level Trump has built with America, or lack of a better term–not built. Americans expect their President and his aides to be honest, and they feel like they’re not getting that authenticity.

    Trump tweeted last week that it was “unreasonable to expect his press staff to always tell the truth,” but 77% of voters say they do expect the President’s Press Secretaries to tell the truth all the time compared to only 14% who say that isn’t that expectation. Only 38% of voters say they consider Trump to be honest, to 55% who say they don’t think he is. And a majority of voters (51%) outright say they consider Trump to be a liar to 41% who say they disagree with that characterization.

    The poll states:

    “When it comes down to it voters don’t think Trump has delivered on the core promise of his campaign- just 34% think he has ‘Made America Great Again,’ while 55% think he has not.”

    Clearly, America doesn’t think Trump’s presidency will last very long–it’s only a matter of time until that orange-faced troll and his swamp team get thrown out of the White House.




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