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  • After Comey Memo, Nancy Pelosi Drops Bombshell; Has All The Ammo She Needs To Back Republicans Into Corner

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    Today’s latest in the Trump/Russia saga is that Trump, possibly implicating himself in obstructing justice, asked James Comey, the man he fired as head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, asked that the investigation into fired Michael Flynn’s connections to Russia be stopped.

    Now, Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, is about to gather the troops, so to speak, and force Republicans to stand on the side of justice. In a memo released today, calling it “an assault on the rule of law,” Pelosi said:

    If these reports are true, the President’s brazen attempt to shut down the FBI’s investigation of Michael Flynn is an assault on the rule of law that is fundamental to our democracy. At best, President Trump has committed a grave abuse of executive power. At worst, he has obstructed justice.

    With each passing day, the President’s actions give greater and greater urgency to the need for a full and independent investigation of the Trump-Russia connection. Tomorrow, Democrats will file a discharge petition to demand a vote on the bipartisan bill to establish an independent, outside commission to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia. Soon, Democrats will introduce legislation to create an independent counsel to get the facts free of President Trump’s meddling.

    If the President has nothing to hide, then he should welcome independent investigations to remove all doubt of a cover-up. The American people deserve to know what President Trump is so desperate to keep hidden.

    If that vote goes down, it will force Republicans into a corner and to pick a side. Either they will stand with Trump, who’s becoming more toxic to his supporters literally by the day, or if just 17 Republican members of Congress — less than 10 percent of the Republicans, finally grow a spine, a full investigation, or possibly even impeachment proceedings, can begin.

    While Republicans are notorious for putting party over country, obstructing an investigation, while legal, is becoming a political liability. 79 percent of Americans want an independent investigation. More than 40 percent of Republicans are on board as well. Pelosi is forcing Republicans to tell their voters exactly where they stand and for Republicans who are attached to Trump like velcro, there will be a political price to pay.

    Featured image via Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images.