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  • Trump Just Moved Jobs To Mexico, Leaving Many Jobless And Blames Obama For It (Video)

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    Donald Trump is doing a great job not keeping any one of the promises he made during his campaign. He’s doing an even greater job at pointing the blame on former President Barack Obama when the nation calls him out.

    Rexnord of Indiana, a steel company with a plant in Indianapolis, is shutting down its doors and moving to Mexico (yep, Mexico) leaving many without a job.

    Rexnord Employees understand that Trump is behind this mass layoff, however in a tweet Sunday evening, Trump says that employees can thank Obama for being jobless. (Video Below)

    “Rexnord of Indiana made a deal during the Obama Administration to move to Mexico. Fired their employees. Tax product big that’s sold in U.S.”

    Of course, this isn’t the first time Trump has mentioned the company regarding its layoff via tweet. During his campaign, the President even promised that he would prevent layoffs what’s happening now at Rexnord, but his actions have clearly determined that was [another] lie.

    As reported by huffingtonpost.com, Don Zering, president of the United Steelworkers union, says that Trump can no longer keep blaming Obama for his mess-ups. He’s right.

    “He made the tweet back in whenever he made the tweet and he did nothing until now. That wasn’t nothing but him just blaming it on Obama. Obama’s not in there anymore.”

    Right after winning the Presidency, Trump in all his sketchiness negotiated a deal with the air-conditioner manufacturer Carrier that kept the firm from closing an Indiana plant and replacing it with one in Mexico.

    According to Zering, the plant is estimated to completely close down in June. 100 of the 300 workers have already left.

    Zering says he doesn’t expect Trump or Vice President Mike Pence, who was the former governor of Indiana, to do anything to save the plant and the jobs.

    “I hope that he does something about it but Pence was here, Pence didn’t give a sh** about the jobs.”


    Featured Image/video via Getty Image and Fox 59